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50 KM Trail Ultra


Details about the 50KM Hemis trail Ultra. The timings, statistics, cut-offs and the course details

105 Km Trail Ultra


 Details about the 105KM Hemis trail Ultra. The timings, statistics, cut-offs and the course details 

Important instructions and rules


Instructions about the event and the race that one needs to know and follow.



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Race essentials:

Distance: 50Km

Date: 6th June 2020 

Time: 04:30hrs

Holding area: Pharkha, near Spituk, Leh

Elevation gain: 2135mtrs (7000ft), 1 high pass.

Min Altitude: 3220mtrs (~10,500ft)

Max Altitude: 4964mtrs.(~16,300ft)  

Aid stations and Intermediate cut-offs


  • Yurutse - 5hrs.
  • Course cut-off - TBA

Major Aid Stations :

  • Yurutse
  • Skiu

Intermediate water stations:

  • Road head
  • Rumbak tent
  • Shingo

The course

The race starts off just outside the city of Leh, with a beautiful view of Leh valley. Initial 13 Kms are on asphalt road with some switchbacks. You can cover good distance and also check your body response to the altitude. Then it becomes rough road and mountain trail as you start your climb to the mountain pass. Crossing through the mountain villages of Rumbak and Yurutse, you need to watch out for wildlife cutting across your path. Don't get startled or startle in return the marmots and blue sheep grazing around.

On the pass you are awarded by beautiful views of the mountain ranges around. You are now entering the Markha valley. The trails narrows down at you cross the village of Shingo into a gorge. Tricky crossings across the stream, the shrubs and willow trees will keep a check on your speed. As you reach the end of the gorge and enter the wide Markha Valley, you will be rewarded by wide mud track right till the finish line.

Compulsory Kit

1) Hydration bag - 2 liters min.

2) Head-torch

3) Red Blinker

4) Emergency Whistle

5) GPS enabled smartphone/watch/device with route GPX file preloaded

6) Snacks/Energy bars




Distance: 105Km
Date: 5th June 2020, 

Time: 02:30hrs
Holding area: Chilling bridge, Chilling, Leh

Elevation gain: 2760mtrs (9000ft), 1 high pass.

Min Altitude: 3190mtrs (~10,500ft)

Max Altitude: 5260mtrs (~17,250ft) 

Aid Stations and Intermediate cut-offs


  • Markha - 5hrs.
  • Nimaling -  TBA
  • Course cut-off - TBA

Major Aid Stations :

  • Skiu
  • Markha
  • Hankar
  • Nimaling

Intermediate water stations:

  • Sara
  • Tachungste

The course

The 105Km course is and out and back course. It starts at the road head on Zhanskar river. After an initial climb, the dirt road levels out. The slope is very gentle till the village of Sara where it ends and mountain trail starts. Almost the entire course goes through a valley crisscrossing the Markha river, sometimes on wooden bridges sometimes right through the water. After 40Kms the gradient of climb increases and becomes steeper, till you reach the top of Konmarula pass and turn around. The trail flattens out a bit at Nimaling grazing ground, a good place to ease your body at the very high altitude.

Compulsory kit

1) Hydration bag - 2 liters min.
2) 2 nos of Torch.

3) Spare batteries for torch.

4) Red Blinker

5) Emergency Whistle
6) GPS enabled smartphone/watch/device with route GPX file preloaded
7) Snacks/Energy bars

8) Power bank/Solar charger for the electronics.

9) Emergency blanket.

Instructions and Rules

Please go through the trail instructions carefully.

  •  Since the event involves going over high passes, prior high altitude experience and proper acclimatisation is required from the participants. They should ensure adequate training has been done and will be required to produce fitness certificate, in format given, during bib collection.
  • There is no mobile coverage in the region. In case of any help required you will have to reach the nearest aid station available. Volunteers will be at the aid stations.
  • The route will be marked and you will be required to find your way with the help of markings and/or the GPX file. 
  • The event takes place inside of a protected National Park, hence littering or feeding wild animals or any act that can disturb the natural harmony of the national park will not be tolerated. Involvement in such an act will lead to immediate disqualification. Carry all the trash to the aid station and dump it in the trash bag kept there.
  • Plastic water bottles are banned in Hemis National Park, hence water will be served from big cans and jars. You need to refill your own hydration pack/bottle with this. There are number of natural springs along the way which are marked safe for drinking. You may disinfect them if you feel so with your own purification tablets or UV Pens.
  •  In rare case of heavy rains or snow melt in the region and the race officials deem it unsafe to allow runners on the route, the event may be cancelled or get postponed to 3 days after the initial date. Participants must keep allowance for the same.

Read the complete Instructions and Terms and Conditions in detail here.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will there be drop bag facility?
A: For the 105Km there will be a bag drop at Markha village Aid Station. You will cross this station twice. Note that do not keep any valuable insides the drop bag. The organisers won't responsible for the material kept inside the drop bag. The bag might get wet or encounter shock (dropping) so ensure that things are kept in waterproof and shock proof covers.

Q: What can we keep in the drop bag?
The drop bag point will come twice on your route, so you put your onward and return stuff in this. You can keep a change of shoes, two pairs of socks, warm clothes, change of technical clothes, your spare torch, batteries, power bank to charge watch/phone/other electronics, towel, food/energy gel/bar supplies

Q: Will there be transport to reach the race start venue?

A: There will complimentary busses  to take participants from Leh to their respective race holding area and back.

Q: Will there be crew support point?
Crew will be allowed to give support only at the designated campsite at Markha. Note: the place is not reachable by vehicle. Crew members will have to trek for few kilometers. Crew will have to make their own accommodation and food arrangements. Write to us in advance if the crew needs assistance.

Q: What if I DNF/Quit in between? How will I reach the start point?
In the unfortunate case of DNFs/quitting, you'll have to reach the nearest aid station and inform the volunteers there. Unless there is a medical emergency, the runners on the route will be the priority. You will be escorted/guided on foot later as per availability of guide. If you decide to take a pony back (if available) the charges will have to be paid by you. Any additional charges eg. night stay, food consumed by you and your companion, etc will have to be paid by you.

Q: Can we use hiking poles?
Yes hiking poles are allowed and also recommended, though not compulsory. What is compulsory is if you start with poles you end with poles. They cannot be left with any of the volunteers or the aid station. However you can use your drop bag to keep them. Note we will not be responsible for any material left outside the drop bag.

Q: Are pacers allowed?
No, not on the route. Pacers or crew members are allowed only within 200meters from aid station at Markha and the finishline.