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Volunteer Program:

Any event can not be organised without a strong team of volunteer. Volunteers will be the backbone, the pillars on which the whole structure of the Hemis Ultra Trail will stand. Hence we are looking forward for people who can volunteer in the following area.

Route Marking – Good option if you want to help as well as have a look at the route prior to the event. The teams will be divided in different section each handling a portion of the route. This will take place couple of days prior to the event.

Aid Station volunteers – Helping out the runners when they most need it gives a lot of satisfaction to oneself. You'll have to help in setting up and running the station and food and supplies and helping runners replenish their supplies. Reaching an aid station might require you to hike for a couple of days.

Race Marshals – You are the time keepers of the event. By noting the arrival of each runner at your point you'll ensure that the runners are within the cut-off times and don't land in difficult situations later. Hiking upto the aid station could be required.

Photographers – The eyes of the event, photographers bring the event live even after it has ended. Each time the participant or close one view your photo they'll thank you for clicking it. You can choose an of the endless scenic points for clicking the participants. (You'll need to get your own equipment along)

First Aiders – We just wish that the need doesn't arise, but if any participant needs medical attention, you help will be invaluable. Certified First-Aiders are very much required to help the participant till proper medical personnel reaches him.

Doctors - Doctors are key to the event. As the event takes place in High Altitude and on trails, the need to check the physical and mental health of the participants is very essential. Doctors will assess the condition of the runners prior and during the event and allow/disallow their passage onto the trail. Administration of medicine or other measures may be undertaken if needed.

Holding area volunteers - Best option for someone who has come with a participant and can't hike but still wants to contribute. Managing logistics of the event, handling baggage/medal counters could be your foray.

Join us

 Volunteers will make the race possible. We sincerely appreciate all the efforts that volunteers take to make races run smoothly and make the runners’ experience unforgettable. If you and/or your friends are going to be in town during the Hemis Ultra Trail Challenge, we would love for you to join the family and pitch in. Thanks in advance.